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CCTV Installation in Leicester

Safetech Electrical Contractors Ltd, an independent electrical contractor serving Leicester and the surrounding areas, specialise in delivering high quality yet cost effective CCTV security solutions. Greatly experienced in supplying CCTV systems for a range of commercial and industrial as well as domestic premises, our fully qualified team of electricians provide clients with appropriate and affordable CCTV systems tailored to individual security requirements.

Over the last decade or so, the cost of installing a CCTV system for the home or business has dropped dramatically. Minus the monthly fees associated with monitored alarm systems, nowadays you can have a comparatively inexpensive CCTV system installation in Leicester which is every bit as effective a deterrent.

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An Effective, Visible Criminal Deterrent

CCTV camera systems act as a deterrent just by their mere presence. Statistics show that the probability of criminal activity in a given area is dramatically reduced by the presence of CCTV cameras.

If you’re a home or business owner, top of your list of security requirements should be a CCTV system that is simple to operate. We can provide user friendly systems with this concept in mind, meaning you will be able to monitor footage from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. This is ideal for when you are away from your home or business.


We have been providing CCTV installation in Leicester for offices, restaurants, shops, homes and industrial units for more than a decade, so we’ve accrued plenty of valuable industry experience in working to meet security requirements of all levels, from a simple home security system through to an integrated industrial CCTV security package.

Commercial CCTV Installation in Leicester

In order to keep your business premises secure and to drastically reduce the likelihood of shoplifting or the occurrence of other illegal and destructive activities such as vandalism CCTV camera equipment is absolutely essential. They are also an invaluable resource for staff monitoring to prevent internal theft. We offer a range of commercial CCTV installations with pan and tilt cameras up to 720p HD cameras.

Domestic CCTV Installation in Leicester

The cost of a CCTV system today is much cheaper than it used to be and this has enabled it to become more affordable for the vast majority of homeowners. Having a camera monitoring system in your home not only gives you peace of mind by decreasing the chances of a break in, it will also provide evidence should it be needed in a criminal prosecution. You also have the added benefit of potentially lower insurance premiums by fitting a CCTV system in your home. We have a number of CCTV packages for home use to suit every budget and security requirement.

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