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Electrical Rewiring in Leicester

As part of our comprehensive array of electrical services, Safetech Electrical Contractors Ltd supply complete electrical rewiring in Leicester to ensure your current electrical system adheres to all contractual and legal requirements and obligations. Badly wired properties are dangerous and may pose possible fire hazards, therefore it is crucial to make sure that your present electrical installation is fitted and working properly.

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Why do I need to Rewire?

The chances are much of the present wiring will need an update to bring it in line with present safety standards if your property hasn’t been rewired within the past 15 years.If you’re considering major refurbishments that amount to a material alteration as defined in Part 2 of The Building Regulations 2010, there’s a strong possibility of needing a replacement consumer unit (fuse box) as well as substantial, if not full, rewiring.

Conversions and extensions must satisfy the Part P: Electrical Safety guidelines in full as they are classed as ‘new work’. To make certain that cross bonding and earthing requirements are met and also that the extra load produced by the new work can be managed safely, all existing wiring will have to be brought up to standard.

At Safetech Electrical Contractors Ltd, we can usually tell whether or not a property has recently been rewired by inspecting the consumer unit, electricity meter as well as any exposed areas. To avoid unexpected surprises, it’s a good idea to have an inspection undertaken if you are looking at buying a property. For example, a complete rewire may be required if the house has a mixture of sockets and switches, surface-mounted wiring or an out-of-date consumer unit.

You might need a rewire in the following circumstances:

  • New works
  • Refurbishments constituting a material alteration
  • An outdated fuse box/consumer unit
  • A mixture of styles of switches and sockets
  • Surface-mounted wiring
  • Non-PVCu-insulated wiring (particularly rubber, fabric or lead-insulated wiring)
  • Old-style round pin sockets and dolly switches

Rewiring Cost

The expense of a rewiring project will vary according to the quantity of restorative decoration work needed as well as the dimensions of the property At the start of the refurbishment process, it can pay to get the advice of an electrician for these reasons.

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