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LED Lighting in Leicester

LED Lighting is a highly cost effective way of cutting down on your electricity bills in the long term. At Safetech Electrical Contractors Ltd, we provide a variety of LED lighting in Leicester for both domestic and commercial properties.

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An Economical Lighting Choice

The smartest buy you make this year might be a box of the latest bulbs. A wise investment in the most recent costly but super-efficient LED lighting in Leicester supplied and installed by our expert team at Safetech Electrical Contractors Ltd could save you up to £240 a year as well as cover itself over only five months.

These light bulbs, which are made up of LEDs (light-emitting diodes), are approximately 10 times more effective when it comes to transforming electricity into light compared to old-fashioned filament variety. This explains the discrepancy in the wattage needed. Consequently, to exchange a regular 60W bulb you need only a 6W LED bulb.

Although they are considerably more expensive to buy compared to conventional light bulbs and other low energy forms of light bulb, such as those which work more like fluorescent lights, they consume far less electricity, enabling you to rapidly reclaim your expenditure in decreased bills.

Electric lighting burns up to 25% of the average home energy budget. The electricity used up during the lifespan of a single incandescent bulb sets you back 5 to 10 times the initial price of the bulb itself.

Let’s examine the benefits of LED lighting:

Long-lasting – LED bulbs last as long as 10 times longer than compact fluorescents, and far longer than typical incandescents.

Durable – since LEDs do not possess a filament, they’re not damaged under conditions where a typical incandescent bulb will be broken. Since they are solid, LED bulbs hold up well to jarring and bumping.

Cool – these bulbs do not lead to heat build-up; LEDs generate 3.4 btu’s/hour, in comparison with 85 for incandescent bulbs. Common incandescent bulbs heat up considerably and give rise to heat build-up in a room. LEDs protect against this heat build-up, thus assisting to reduce air conditioning costs in the home.

Mercury-free – no mercury is used in the manufacturing of LEDs.

More efficient – LED light bulbs consume only 2-17 watts of electricity (1/3rd to 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL). LED bulbs employed in fixtures inside the home help save electricity, remain cool and save money on replacement costs as LED bulbs are long lasting. Small LED flashlight bulbs will lengthen battery life 10 to 15 times longer compared with incandescent bulbs.

Cost-effective – despite the fact that LEDs are in the beginning expensive, the price is recovered as time passes as well as in battery savings. LED light bulb usage was initially adopted commercially, where maintenance and replacement cost is expensive. However the cost of new LED bulbs has gone down significantly during the last few years, and are still going down. Nowadays, there are various new LED bulbs for use in the home, and the pricing is starting to be less of a problem.

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